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Upgrading your iPhone

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Upgrading your iPhone Video: Upgrading your iPhone
Upgrading your iPhone Tue, 19 Sep 2017 15:15:05 +0000 Upgrading your iPhone Upgrading your iPhone KTVX ABC 4 Salt Lake City >> i'm so excited for today's tech time tuesday because apple makes that huge announcement on september 12th. everybody waiting, is the phone out. can we get it, should we upgrade, you're going to break it down for us. >> i think the biggest question people have, should i upgrade, right? and there's this whole buzz about new phones it happens with samsung galaxy as well. the galaxy aide and other phones that, the note eight. but what you need to really think about is do you really need to upgrade? >> maybe. >> so what are the features of the phone that would make you want to upgrade. >> i have a six, and i am eligible now for an upgrade. that is actually a good thing to think about as well, because you say you are eligible tells may you are in contract, right. >> yeah. >> so a lot of buzz goes around about the prize of the phone, the iphone 10, 999. >> well, there are cell phone companies will lakely offer a discounted praise for that phone if you extend your contract with them. so the price that they talk about is actually the no contract, buying the phone full price phone. >> but post people won't be paying that. >> most people won't be paying thatment but the interesting thing to think about, i always buy pie phones unlocked or at full price because when i travel, i can buy sim cards as i talked about in segments passed, can i buy a sim card of that country and it will work with pie phone. if your phone is in contract, it is not unlocked. >> and could you switch carriers. >> and you can switch carriers if you need to and take your phone with you without having to worry about money and all that. >> let's go back to phone, should i upgrade or should i not. >> one of the biggest things you should think about is storage. one of the questions that i get asked about the most is how come my phone is always full am how come i don't have enough storage to take more pictures, well, the new i foab they start at 64 gig a bites and 256 gigabytes. >> that is a ston of storage. >> well. >> i said to you i don't have storage, i think i have 16. >> everyone in the studio said i don't have storage. >> well, think about it, you said that is a ton of space, but is it, in the future it may not be because apps are going to get bigger because the screans are better on these phones. so now game developers are going to make more intensive games that take up more memory, and so it is, things look that. the other thing to think about is the operating system. along with all the phone announcements, apple announced new operating systems. so when they do that, you got to be careful if you upgrade because phones like this, i'm going to show you, this is jay's phone, our floor director. >> this would be a good phone to upgrade. >> is this the iphone 2? what is this? >> this is probably the iphone 4 or 5. >> the four, yeah. >> when did you drop it? >> when did that happen? >> when disn i drop it. >> when didn't you drop it. >> the thing about this is that phone will not be able to download the newer operating system. so now you are leaving yourself out of new apps, new security updates. >> will the six, will the seven. >> the older the phone gets, the less lickly it will be able to upgrade the operating system. and if you do upgrade the operating system it will slow down your phone t will change the battery power, there are all kinds of problems that come with that. >> so it's the condition, the age of it, all things to consider when are you going to upgrade. the new features of the ten or eight worth it? >> so for a tech geek like me, the iphone 10 is amazing. it's got that face i.d. which you just look at your phone and it unlocks. you can also do portrait mode on the selfie side of the camera, which will blur out the background and make yourselfies look that much better. and then it has got some other things that will allow you to, well, the apple watch actually added sell lar, and that's the other thing to think about. these things cost money so don't get them unless they have the features that you want. and i talked about for a long time now that i don't have an apple watch because it's not sell lar. >> now i am thinking about it. >> now you would do it. >> so would you get the eight instead of the ten? >> so what are you going to use? that is really the features you have to look at. so the eight still has the eight plus, still has the portrait mode. they now have a por thrait lighting mode for taking pictures, if you are planning on using the camera a lot, that is something to are can, right. they still have the touch i.d. on the apple-- iphone eight. the ten is the new face i.d. so it's what features are you going to use but also if you get the ten, you got to plan for that month of frustration because it's all new. >> kind of figure out how to use it. >> there is no home button any more. it's all glass on both sides. the other thing to think about now the iphone eight and eight plus and 10 are wireless charging. >> that's right. >> so that is a benefit to me that i would use. i hate the cord. i have actually dropped my phone as i try and take it off, and it falls out. >> the ten isn't out until october 27th it is the eight that is out. >> and the october 27th is actually the preorder date. >> oh. >> for the phone which will actually ship in november. >> it might be christmas. >> exactly. so keep those in mind too. as you go through. >> christopher, would you get one? >> if people give me enough money i will get the ten. >> that is exciting. that face recognition is so cool. if you have questions, christopher is the best one to ask. anything tech, tech life of course he's on all of your social media. go to our website and we'll link to you christopher's information. i feel excited. i just don't know which one i will do yet. >> brian, are you getting a new one, like

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