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Nutrition Apps: Knowing What`s Going Inside By John Moore for Digital Innovation Gazette Nutrition apps have a wide user base to target, including athletes, foodies and the general health-conscious consumer. Here`s what developers need to know to succeed in this category. ...Read More »
Show Me the Money By Tim Kridel for Digital Innovation Gazette Which operating systems and form factors have the highest revenue per user? An Evernote executive weighs in on his company`s experiences. ...Read More »
Getting Organized: Developing an Organizational App By John Moore for Digital Innovation Gazette Family organizer apps aim to streamline daily life and help users get organized. Here`s what you need to know about developing an app in this category. ...Read More »
Building Real-time Strategy Games for Mobile Devices By John Moore for Digital Innovation Gazette Game controls loom large on small platforms as RTS games move to mobile platforms. ...Read More »
Building a Productivity App By John Moore for Digital Innovation Gazette Stay close to your users when sizing up a project for productivity app creation. ...Read More »
Head in the Cloud: The New Content Platform By Matt Ployhar Matt Ployhar sees the cloud as a world in which one gaming purchase allows for content use across all devices. ...Read More »
Console? No Way -- Buy a Gaming PC! By Matt Ployhar Matt Ployhar responds to a ZDNet blog by explaining why he would choose a gaming PC over a console. ...Read More »
Steve Jobs Remembered By Matt Ployhar Matt Ployhar recalls the impact Steve Jobs had on his life and career. ...Read More »
The new Canon Cinema EOS By Jeremiah Hall After the presentation, I tried it. I lifted it. Held it. Put it on my shoulder, thanks to a Zacuto support system, and did a few pans. And some tilts. It felt right. This is a light camera. It is a comfortable camera. It has possibilities. ...Read More »
TV commercials drive me nuts! By David Hague TV commercials drive me nuts! Especially those shown in the country, where it is assumed every single person who is watching is a "down-on-the-farm-country-boy" (or lassie). As such, many ads have the poor farmer doing something stupid (using string to tie a gate as against the "new gate locker magico!", or is buying new boots every other day - "Step by step, brick by brick, you and your boots built this country". ...Read More »
Gaming in Transition and Revolution: Part 1 By Matt Ployhar In this series, Matt Ployhar takes a look at recent transitions in the gaming industry and tries to predict how current and imminent technologies will revolutionize the business. Up first: mobile devices. ...Read More »
MAKING THE SWITCH - From Apple to Adobe via a Windows 7 PC By Jeremiah Hall I don't upgrade at the drop of a hat. I only do it when I need to. So as I was saving my pennies to purchase a new Mac Pro (the G5 getting long in the tooth), Apple dropped a bomb - Final Cut X. I was excited... until it came out. I discovered that two of the things that I do with with Final Cut Studio, namely importing Photoshop layers and the wonder that was DVD Studio Pro, were no more. ...Read More »
Happiness Is a Warm Gun: Chatting With Emotional Robots By Arti Gupta Arti Gupta chats with Emotional Robots` executive producer, Zach Lehman, and game designer Joe Cleary about their upcoming game Warm Gun, its development, the Unreal Engine Development Kit and keeping it with a nontraditional company structure. ...Read More »
Independents Day: The Reality of Indie Game Development By Scott Steinberg Interactive entertainment`s answer to art-house films is indie game development. Titles like Minecraft, Recettear and World of Goo have captured a legion of forward-thinking fans` and bedroom coders` imaginations alike. But despite consistently raising th ...Read More »
Independent's Day: The Reality of Indie Game Development By Scott Steinberg Interactive entertainment's answer to art-house films is indie game development. Titles like Minecraft, Recettear and World of Goo have captured a legion of forward-thinking fans' and bedroom coders' imaginations alike. But despite consistently raising th ...Read More »
Why Laptops Will Survive in a Tablet World By Michael Blumreich Tablet computers have been getting plenty of press lately, thanks mainly to the iPad, the newest Apple product to hit the market. Laptops are still the workhorse of the portable computing world, and will most likely weather the tablet storm and perhaps come out ahead of its netbook cousin. ...Read More »
Going HD or How I spent my winter. By David Basulto As I prepared to make my second feature film, Fiesta Grand, I knew I wanted to step up the look and feel of the film. This film (or movie I should say as I no longer use film!) was a follow up to my horror feature, Death Clique, which I made for next to nothing on my Panasonic DVX100a and received a distribution deal to Blockbuster. My insiders suggested I make the next film in High Definition even though the distributors hadnít asked for it. "Why", I asked... ...Read More »
Apple iPhone Reaction By Stephen Schleicher Today, Apple Inc. unleashed the iPhone on the world. Consumer Electronics Netís Stephen Schleicher takes a look and offers his gut reaction to the announcement. ...Read More »
When Marketing People Go Amok By Esther Schindler Honest, we understand. It's a marketing person's job to make a presentation sound exciting and relevant as well as informational. But the TechEd presentation titles are, quite literally, beyond audience comprehension. ...Read More »
Way Too Hard = Way Too Bad By Gary Kayye, CTS A recent study by a major university on the Netherlands found that product complexity actually caused over 50 percent of product returns. Graduate student Elke den Ouden of the Technical University of Eindhoven studied people who purchased consumer electronics products and how they tried (and in many cases failed) to use them, successfully. In virtually all cases where a consumer tried and failed to figure out how to use a product and then gave up, the product itself was actually in good working order. There was no product failure. ...Read More »
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